Hi I'm Taishi 🐨

I am passionate about Technology Trends, Design, and Product Management. My skills are wide-ranging, spanning multiple creative and technical disciplines. I absorb information like a sponge and am constantly pursuing abilities that can help me develop into a well-rounded professional.

🏡 What am I'm working on?

📚 What am I excellent great at?
  1. Project Management
  2. Product Management
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Data Visualization
Technical Skills Art Tech Other Tools
HTML, CSS, JS Illustrator Google Workspace
React Photoshop Microsoft Office
Python Figma & Adobe XD Data Studio
Heroku, Netlify, AWS Canva Google Analytics

🚧 What are my goals this year?

When I'm not behind my laptop, you'll find me boxing, hiking, taking photos, or otherwise exploring the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Interested in my other projects? Visit my Github.

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